We make your fleet reliable, environmentally friendly and profitable.

By using our liquid technology, you can significantly reduce the oil and fuel consumption within your vehicle fleet. If you also use models with AdBlue or similar combustion-promoting additives in your vehicle fleet, this consumption is also clearly reduced by an engine treatment with NCLEAN.one and NCOAT.oneThe reasons for the reduction of consumption can be found under the menu item “Environmental / Emissions“.

In general, the fuel saving is in the range of approx. 0.75 l per 100 km with unchanged driving conditions and use of the vehicle. Thus the application of the engine from a mid-class vehicle is usually cost neutral even at a yearly driving distance of just over 10,000 km. As a positive side-effect, you can make an active contribution to reducing emissions (NCOAT.one reduces CO2 and NOx emissions significantly) through your vehicle fleet and reduce the risk of cost-intensive repairs due to coking in the combustion chamber and secondary aggregate area. In trucks, we generally reduce fuel consumption by about 10%

We offer companies with their own vehicle fleet the treatment of vehicles with our liquid technologies. Contact us at any timeOne of our employees will be happy to make an individual offer for you – from a certain vehicle fleet size, and our technical sales department will visit you on site.

Note: Our unique liquid technologies do not adversely affect the lubricant base data when used and therefore do not adversely affect the lubricant recommendation of vehicle or engine manufacturers. Compliance with the lubricant recommendation of the manufacturer, which is the guarantor of the guarantee, is therefore also guaranteed when using our liquid technologies. Incidentally, we are not aware of any other liquid technology which has this particular property, and our liquid technologies are not to be confused with oil ditives. A damage-causing effect in the use of our liquid technologies is almost impossible.