Engine protection

The optimisation of the engine is done by adding a specially calculated amount of liquid technology (no oil additive) in the heated-up engine oil circuit, after the before carried out oil change.

Then the vehicle must run from approx. 3 to 5 minutes in idle mode.

After that the vehicle should be driven approx. 25 km under increased load.

After engine cleaning with NCLEAN.one, a direct synthesis of the multilayered coating NCOAT.one is created on the complete frictional surface. By the so generated coating the friction surface of the particularly loaded friction zones is enlarged. As a consequence, the coating spreads to all rotating surfaces. Depending on the size and the contact forces the surface of the rotary parts is renewed. During formation of the multilayered coating the temperature in the friction zones drops and the formation of the coating is delayed to complete standstill. This gives rise to a self-regulating process during the build up of the protective layer.

The results of the engine optimization are:

  • Modification of the frictional surfaces. The surface tension and wear will reduce.
  • Reduction of the engines internal mechanical losses.
  • An increase of the performance and dynamics of the engine.
  • Reduction of emissions as well as noise reduction
  • Economic as well as ecological efficiency by fuel and engine oil saving
  • Protection against the accumulation of new incineration residues and the formation of coking.

By the complementary treatment of the gear with our product NGEAR.one you clearly reduce the energy losses and create another potential for cost saving by the lowering of fuel consumption. Furthermore you protect yourselves from necessary high repair costs on account of a gear defect.