Hydraulic protection

In hydraulic systems the state of the oil and particularly the viscosity temperature behaviour in comparison to lubrications in other aggregates has a substantially bigger importance.

Failures in hydraulic aggregates are mostly to be ascribed to the bad condition of the hydraulic oil. The quality of the oils is minimised, for example by high operating temperatures, acidification, pollutions by wear materials, mud, water salary, etc. and leads partly by the warmth resulting from it in the excess to damages of gaskets, scrapers and hydraulic tubes. An optimisation by alternative oils or additives does not change this.

With our liquid technology (no oil additive) a change of the structure of the hydraulic oil which brings a clear improvement of the life span with itself is achieved. A selforganization process which confers new properties to the hydraulic oil is got going by the education of three-dimensional macrostructures and the addition of supramolekülaren liquid crystals. The result after the application is a. o.a.:

  • Reduction of temperatures and hydraulic circulations
  • life-time extension of the hydraulic oil
  • Security also in the hardest deployment of labour
  • Reduction of downtime and repair costs

By the additional treatment of the engines of agricultural, forestry and construction machines with our products NCLEAN.one and NCOAT.one, you can achieve a significant reduction in the cost of the machine (fuel consumption reduction) and a reduction of the machine failure risk. And you are making a positive contribution to the protection of the environment due to the reduced pollutant content in the exhaust gas.